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Empower sales..Engage customer..Manage marketing

Most user friendly sales enablement application

iPROMO is the most user friendly Sales Enablement Application which helps marketing and sales to work together to showcase and share the latest content to their client and thus improve sales call productivity. Marketing can have complete control over the content and can update the available brochures,videos,presentations from the admin panel,and same gets automatically updated in the application used by the sales team. Sales team can add their own customer list and can preplan their meeting with customers by adding targeted promotional content from the available resources for that particular meeting,so that they are always prepared for their sales call.Post meeting they can also capture meeting outcome for future reference.

Sales empowerment.png

EMPOWER sales team with access of useful content anywhere anytime.

iPROMO empowers your sales team with  "anywhere-anytime" content. They will be  always ready and  can share relevant and personalized content with customers during sales call and close deal.

Customer engagement (2).png

ENGAGE customer with most relevant content.

iPROMO equips your sales team in better customer engagement by providing interactive and personalized content to them and thus creating an interesting buyer experience.

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MANAGE marketing impact by using analytics to design the right content.

iPROMO empowers to design the content to "suit-the-requirement".Marketing team get insightful analytics of which and how content are used by sales team for customer interaction.So next time they are planning sales content they are better equipped to create the right content.

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