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To promote brands and transform business operations

Cloud based solutions:


Sales Enablement Application

  • Intelligent content management solution allowing marketers to regain control over their content.

  • Centralize sales and marketing materials, and manage who can access, share or present specific content from one platform.

  • Powerful tagging,metadata allow you to easily organize your content, ensuring that salespeople always find what they need.

  • Sales team can customize the content folder based on their planned meeting

  • Simple and comprehensible analytics to provide insights of content and promotional tools life cyscle


A cloud based, flexible, multiple devices enabled business operation solutions.

Modules and features:

  • Customer database management

  • Call planning and reporting

  • Annual business planning,Secondary/Deployment tracking

  • Promotional activity tracking

  • Sales funnel management

  • Dashboard to track and compare Key Performance Indicators

  • Anytime access of relevant data


Learning Management System

  • Ease to use ,ensuring quick implementation and on boarding

  • Customizable to suit your requirement

  • Build E learning course in minutes using available content

  • In built front end website to promote the courses and also sell it through e commerce facility

  • Training and hand holding by dedicated resources to build the courses and implement it.

  • Simple and comprehensible analytics to provide insights of your e learning environment.

Other solutions:


We live in the age of data and it is not possible that healthcare can remain away from data’s influence. Data visualizations tell a more complete story in a dashboard than simply displaying raw data, so it’s important to use them effectively to support business objectives and data-driven decision making. Analytics tool empowers sales and marketing teams to make more strategic, targeted, and data-driven decisions.

TMS with rich domain knowledge of healthcare marketing has developed analytical models to empower  healthcare business professionals with actionable, insight-driven analytics that will directly impact the operations and bottom line.


•Sales analytics application

•Secondary sale automation

•Compliance applications




TMS supports small and mid sized healthcare companies by outsourced marketing management functions.


We work by detailed and sound understanding of client organization and the challenges they are facing, and then formulate creative strategic marketing solutions in partnership with them.

Finally, TMS helps  to put these strategic solutions into action. These are not theoretical exercises, but real strategies which can have a tangible and measurable effect on results.


•Outsourced Marketing Management

•Marketing planning and execution

•Branding services

•Marketing audit

•Marketing Training





In today's world where the marketplace has become increasingly challenging and social media has transformed the marketing landscape, need to find new ways to communicate stories is very important.


The old model of pushing the message out doesn’t work anymore. Now, more than ever healthcare companies looking to inform, educate, and inspire their audiences to take action must engage in a true two-way dialogue in order to be heard above the crowd. And same can be done effectively through visual , digital and interactive product communication.​

TMS with deep understanding of various aspects of healthcare communication, be it with healthcare professionals, patients or consumers  provides cost effective yet creative, innovative, technology focused product communication solutions.


•Visual or graphic design

•Motion graphics

•3D product animation

•eLearning development

•Video editing and visual effects

•Virtual reality

•Hologram video development

•Copy writing

•Instructional design


Healthcare event management demands full understanding of the nature of the business, the international regulations, and codes of conduct that all govern appropriate behavior.


At TMS we understand the relevant regulatory and country-specific legal guidelines to deliver events, promotions and hospitality that are appropriate and meet the needs of this highly regulated space.


We work closely with our clients to understand their interpretation of specific codes and HCP reporting requirements inline with company policy and design  the event solutions accordingly


•Booth designing and fabrication

•Event planning and execution

•Product launch/road shows design and execution

•Promotional events

•Partnership summit


Market research

For any business it is important to periodically conduct market research to stay tuned to the changing market trend and to retain the competitive edge. It is no different for healthcare ,whether the business is in start-up stage or in an expansion phase, market research  is vital for understanding the critical characteristic of  target market which will increase sales, revenue, profit and ROI and thus ensure overall business success.​


TMS with deep understanding of the motivations, behavior and influences of the multiple stakeholders driving commercial success in the healthcare industry, provides market research solutions to guide pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies in building successful brands and optimizing their sales potential.


•Market size and potential analysis

•Competition analysis

•Customer satisfaction measurement

•Market entry studies

Manpower Hiring

Hiring of Manpower is one of the most critical element for any Industry , while a “ right” hire effectively complements to an organisational growth , a “wrong” hire can cost a fortune to an organisation .

With firsthand and years of over two decades of experience in hiring for organisations from across Industries and sizes , Team “TMS” has built the ability and has the necessary expertise and bandwidth to work on a wide spectrum of  Manpower Hiring Mandate originating from its client Organisation which includes but not restricted to Industries like ; Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare , Contract Research Organisations , Manufacturing and Banking and Financial Services




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